Cute or Creepy? Seoul’s Abandoned Theme Park

My cousin Karla and I are not really fans of amusement rides. But, we visit them anyway. We love kiddie rides and wearing cute headbands. Lol. We’ve been to the major ones in Korea like Everland, Lotte World and E-world. After having visited me a couple of times, my cousin joined me in going to off the beaten paths in Seoul. One of which is Yongma Land, a less known theme park in Seoul. What makes it different from the others? This one’s been closed for a long time, there are no crowds, and the rides are not working anymore (woohoo!).

The park is about fifteen minutes walk from Mangu station. It’s not easy to find because it’s in the woods and it was really deserted (actually made the journey to it more thrilling).

Normally, an abandoned theme park is a perfect setup for a horror movie. I never really imagined it as romantic photo zone. Interestingly, when we went to Yongma Land, we saw couples having prenuptial photo shoots there.

Check out the photos below and let me know what you think about the place! (Side note: these were taken 2 years ago. Don’t be surprised if I look a bit different. Lol.)

Is it cute or creepy?

The movie thriller characters who still enters a place even though it looks like a serial killer’s in there

The original zombie from Train to Busan…

Pretending to enjoy rides lol

1 thought on “Cute or Creepy? Seoul’s Abandoned Theme Park

  1. While that does sound a bit scary, it actually seems like a pretty cute place to take photos in!

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