Suspension Bridge at Majang Lake, Paju

Before I arrived in Korea in 2015, I made a list of the tourist spots I wanted to visit. I categorized them by district and crossed each one out once I visited them. Especially in my first year, I tried hard to visit almost all because I wasn’t really expecting that I’ll stay here longer. Yup, four years later, I’m still here. Haha! It’s not surprising that I’ve visited almost all the major tourist spots in the city. I don’t really like going to the same place again (unless I really love that place… for example, Taejeongdae Park in Busan, Anyang Art Park, or a really lovely cafe).

So, when I want to see or experience something new, I choose a place not so far from Seoul by doing either of the following:

  1. Look at Google or Naver map, navigate, and try to spot for an interesting place.
    I usually do this when I want to take a break from the city and do something related to nature. I look for green or blue areas to check nearby mountains, parks, lakes or ocean. Kind of old school but I really enjoy this way of exploring new areas.
  2. Instagram hashtags.
    The easiest way to find anything, actually. Just type hashtags related to travel, food, fashion, etc. Hashtag tips for foreigners:
    #여행스타그램, #여행 – just general tags for travel
    #카페, #카페스타그램 – for cafes
    #맛집 – hashtag for good restaurants. If you want to look for a specific 맛집 in a certain area, you can write the name of the area before 맛집 (for example, 홍대맛집).
  3. Follow page for couples and dating spots.
    Okay, this is my secret to finding the cute and romantic spots in and outside Seoul. My friends usually tease me a lot because of this. I can’t blame them. Haha! I’m just a hopeful (not hopeless!) romantic! Lol.

I really love day trips… there’s no pressure to visit so many places in one trip, no need to plan a lot, and of course, it’s cheaper. I usually choose places that are just one to two hours away from Seoul. For this day trip, we decided to go to Paju to see the longest suspension bridge (if I’m not mistaken) in Korea.

There were a lot of visitors than I expected. Maybe because it was on a weekend. Many people were crossing the bridge in a line so we have to continue walking. I’m not really the adventurous type but I still kind of wish there was more much time to stop in the middle to enjoy the view, take pictures, or just feel the thrill.

Majang Lake Suspension Bridge (3)
I’m too scared to stand on the steel! Lol

Majang Lake Suspension Bridge (5)

Majang Lake Suspension Bridge (6)

Since we couldn’t take our time on the bridge, we took more photos at the other end of the bridge instead.

a (14)


This is me trying to hide my fear of heights…

After crossing back, we ate fish cakes as we enjoyed nature.

The whole experience at the suspension bridge was so quick. Good thing we went there early so we had time to check out another nearby place. On my next blog entry, I’ll be sharing another fun place to visit in Paju. Please check it out soon! 🙂

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