Sculptures, Nature, and So Much More at Anyang Art Park

A few years ago, I saw a photo of asymmetrical stairs on Instagram. It was pretty and I like modern art so I wanted to visit that place. It’s not located in Seoul and even though it isn’t that far, I was not good in using Korean apps and websites back then. So, many years passed and I just completely forgot all about it. Until one day, when we were thinking of where to go, I remembered that place. I was so excited to see it at Anyang Art Park! Yup, stairs can excite me. That’s how shallow I can be at times. 🙂

The first thing that caught our attention when we arrived was the museums near the entrance. Anyang Art ParkAnyang Art Park

We first checked out the film exhibition in one of the buildings.

Anyang Art Park

Anyang Art Park

153373832713015337383441071533738427668Anyang Art Park1533738370631

After visiting all the museums, we went on a coffee break (coffee is always a must!). We realized that we were nowhere near the amazing stairs yet after checking the map. We have to walk along the path of the river to get there.

The weather was good and this view made walking even better.

Anyang Art Park15337384983131533738594744

Anyang Art Park
So tempted to dip our feet in the water but we didn’t have much time

Anyang Art Park is called an art park for a reason. As you probably saw, the river is beside a mountain. If you go there, you’ll see various art installations and sculptures at different locations. We got to the park in the afternoon. We didn’t have any idea how huge the park was and that there will be some mountain-climbing involved. You can clearly see how unprepared I was with my clothes. Lol. Still, we didn’t want to miss it so we went to the mountain to check out the woods before the sun went down.

Anyang Art Park153373868729415337387629311533739800232Anyang Art Park

Into the woods to hunt for art

1533739943236Anyang Art Park

Actually, we kind of hiked too high that we almost got lost. There were no more pathways and people, and I could already see the peak of the mountain! Lol! It was already getting dark so we decided to go down. We weren’t able to see a lot of installations in the mountain. But, I just had to see the others too! So, I went there again in fall with my friends Trang and Mica. 😀

Anyang Art Park

Anyang Art Park

Anyang Art Park

Anyang Art Park

Anyang Art Park

Anyang Art Park

Anyang Art Park

I’m not really fond of visiting the same attraction again but the art park was really beautiful, whether in summer or fall. Plus, I saw most if not all of the hidden art! I wasn’t really aware of it the first time I went there since my goal was to see the unique stairs. Ah! Right! The stairs!!

Going back to the first time I went here, as I said, it was already late in the afternoon when we went down from the mountain. We still had a lot of walking to do. The distance from the museum up to the bottom of the mountain to the mysterious stairs? Almost 1.6 kilometers! If you want to see a lot (the temple, museums, installations, river, etc.), be sure to come early and wear clothes good for walking.

After more or less 1 kilometer of walking, we saw this bridge/overpass, which was a sign that we were actually near! Never give up! 🙂

Anyang Art Park

As you can see, we were already so tired at this point. Pero go, pose pa rin!

1533739949243Anyang Art Park1533739951530


Are you ready to see it??


Here it is!!

Really ready?!?

Kkk~ I know what you are thinking!! Hahaha! Promise, it really looked good in person and in the Instagram shot I saw. 😀

I wish I can capture this artsy spot in the same way as professional photographers. We still tried anyway! 🙂

Anyang Art Park

1533740078823Anyang Art Park

The quest is finally over! It’s time to go back and eat! 🙂




It was a really fun day! Cheers!! 🙂

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  1. Wow, what a lovely post with gorgeous photos. Thank You.

    Have a good day!

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