The hottest city in Korea

I have a love-hate relationship with Korea’s seasons. Its seasons are very distinct from one another. Cherry blossoms are a sight to behold in spring, and the colors of fall are something to look forward too. However, there’s winter season wherein the weather gets really cold. Of course, there’s summer, wherein the heat feels much more unbearable (at least for me) than the heat in the Philippines. Summer starts in June and ends in August. It is so hot and humid so I rarely went out last year because I got traumatized (lol!!) when I tried once during the summer peak. I felt like I was in an oven. Given that experience, you would think that I learned from it. I didn’t. This year, I visited Daegu, which is one of Korea’s hottest cities in summer. “You will know why it is called ‘Daegufrica'”, my friend told me when we met.

It takes about 4 hours by Mungunghwa train from Seoul to Daegu.

I spent the first day at Aly’s house near her university, Yeungnam University.

The sun was about to set. Pink sky ❤


The next day, I met another friend of mine and we toured other parts of Daegu.

This was at Keimyung University, filming location of Boys Over Flowers drama. It was a huge and beautiful university!
Quite amazing to see this inside the university

After having lunch, we went to downtown. We had no idea where to start but good thing we found a tour brochure (from a Daegu tourist information center if I’m not mistaken). The different walking courses available feature suggested modern historical places in Daegu which you can all visit in just 2 hours.

Modern Cultural Street tour

Let the tour begin!

Dong-san (East Hill) – “first settlement of Protestant missionaries” 

The Road for the March 1st Independence Movement – “place where national independence fighters hid from the Japanese police while preparing for the revolt.”
The First Presbyterian Church of Daegu
The Blair House.. Then: missionary house Now: Education and History Museum
A replica of the classroom where Americans teach
Gyesan Catholic Church
I forgot the name of this place. 😦

Daegu is also famous for its advancement in medicine. One of the places you shouldn’t miss is the Daegu Yangnyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine. You can learn a lot about oriental medicine. Also, the area has stores where you can buy oriental medicine too.

Like a madame. Loool


There were other historical places that we visited but I can’t remember the names. Despite the short time and hot weather during my Daegu trip, I really enjoyed a lot. I promised to come back there and I recently did! I will post about my second Daegu trip soon! Please stay tuned.

For reference, you may try suggested day tours from this website.  1465653499385

2 thoughts on “The hottest city in Korea

  1. We’ve not experience the summers of Korea but certainly the winter!
    Neither cold nor freezing are words to describe it – its bone chilling!

    1. Summer is fun here because there are many activities to do. But it gets really hot especially in July! I felt like I live in an oven. Lol. And for winter, you are right! It’s bone chilling!!

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