Day trip to Wolmido and Songdo in Incheon

Last year, I celebrated Children’s Day in Incheon with Ate Vie’s family. We spent the day at the beachside. For the second year in a row, I spent the holiday in Incheon, this time, with my forever lagalag friend, Kenn. Initially, we were planning to go to some mountain (which I can’t even remember anymore). Last minute, we decided to go to Wolmido and Songdo in Incheon. It was quite a long trip, about 1.5 hours from central Seoul.

Wolmido is actually an island not far from the Incheon coast. Wolmi Theme Park is located there. Variety shows like Running Man and 1N2D featured this place. As expected, there were lots of children and couples (Hmmp! Just kidding!) when we went there. Although it was my first time at that place, I already had a sense of nostalgia. The whole place looks vintage, and the ocean view and breeze probably add to that feeling. There was also old trot-like style music played. Para akong nasa Fiesta Carnival sa Cubao, pero ito nasa outdoor.


Before it went dark, we headed to Songdo. For viewers of Superman Returns, this place will sound familiar. This is where the triplets Daehan, Minguk and Manse live. In contrast to the old style of Wolmido, Songdo International Business District looks so modern. From an empty land, the district now has plenty of buildings and wide roads. However, for me, it kind of feels empty because there weren’t many people on the streets, and the buildings looked like it was abandoned. Nevertheless, the lights were definitely a relaxing sight.




To those who are planning to travel outside Seoul, you might want to consider doing a day tour at Incheon to visit the two places above. They are not very near each other but it’s still feasible. We were able to enjoy both even though we arrived at Wolmido after lunch. So, my advice is to make sure to go to Wolmido early so you can enjoy the view and enjoy many rides!

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