Wanju Wild Food Festival

Being a foreigner in South Korea can be an advantage sometimes. We can avail free stuff such as tours to various areas. One of the companies that offer this is Dongbu Shuttle Bus. The first time we tried it, we joined a tour to Wanju county in North Jeolla Province, which is about 3 hours away from Seoul. The day tour was just in time for the Wanju Wild Food Festival.

Entrance to the food festival. The venue is at the mountainside!
The venue is on the mountainside!

As expected, there were different kinds of foods at the festival. I was expecting there will be lots of free food tasting but there wasn’t so much. So sad. But, at least, we got to see how some traditional foods were made!



Lots of families came to enjoy the activities. The children joined baking, making pots, and playing around.

The chef invited the children to try cooked worms!
The chef asked who wants to try cooked worms. The kids were so game for the challenge!


Among all the activities, this was for me the most fun to watch…

Parents and their children are given a limited time to catch live fish for lunch.
Catching fish! Parents and their children are given a limited time to catch fish for lunch. Let the hunger games begin! 🙂

 As a whole, despite the lack of free food (Lol), I enjoyed the festival and the good scenery. 🙂


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