Gamcheon Cultural Village

Gamcheon Cultural Village is the main reason why I wanted to go to Busan. I’m not sure if I knew about it from a blog or tv show. All I know is I’ve been wishing to visit the “Santorini of Korea” for a long time already!

After Taejongdae Park, I commuted to this village. It was almost noon time when I arrived so it was really really hot. It’s quite big and has lots of alleys and uphills.

I arrived at #19 Hanadoegi Photozone then made my way to #18, went up to #3 then followed the suggested route according to number from there

Upon arrival, this view welcomed me…

Colorful houses everywhere!!

What makes it more interesting are the details from up close…

Let’s take a journey to the streets and alleys of Gamcheon Cultural Villlage!
Trust these cute guides!



From the stairs…


To the street walls…





IMG_5104IMG_5100To the houses and coffee shops…








IMG_5087 Everything is so artistic! Super eye-candy!

It’s no wonder this was featured in famous Korean shows like 1N2D, Running Man and Return of Superman.

So happy I made it in this place! Dream come true!! 🙂





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