Children’s Day at Wangsan (왕산) beach in Incheon

First of all, I’d like to apologize because this entry’s way overdue. I will be sharing how I celebrated Children’s Day in South Korea last May 5. This post is literally “so last season”. 🙂

Ate Tin and I, ate Vi’s “adopted daughters”, spent two days and one night with her family In Incheon during this holiday. I only pass by this city when I go to the airport from Seoul or vice versa. Thanks to ate Vi’s invitation, I was able to explore Incheon more!


We first visited Fortune Hill where this massive father bear and son can be seen.


This story tells why the bears are standing on the hill…

Awww ;;

There’s also a view of a huge wetland. I always see wetlands in Korean variety shows. I want to try walking there someday and catch some crabs. It looks fun!



Cool stuff at the superhero figure exhibition…


20150505_110945We left the hill and drove to the beach. Time for the most awaited part of this trip…

Lunch time!!
Lunch time!!


After eating, we went out and just chilled by the beach. The heat of the sun and the cold air were a good combination! No wonder there were so many people (and tents!) that day! 🙂



Playful Rainbow and Snow 🙂
Having too much fun, eh?

Thank you ate Vi and family for the great weekend!! Children’s day is definitely not only for young ones… but also for the young once! 🙂

With ate Vi's in-laws and daughters
2015-05-05 14.02.10

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