Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) Tour

Ever since our professor in Contemporary South Korean Society shared to us that he is affiliated with Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS), me and my classmates did not stop asking him to bring us there. Professor Choi was game enough to grant our request (or maybe we bombarded him too much! Lol!). It was a very special tour. Mr. Kimi, one of the officials (in the News team if I am not mistaken) toured us and let us visit areas that were restricted to the public. I just finished watching the Korean drama Pinocchio during that time so imagine how happy I was to see the sets and offices! 🙂

Time to look for SBS!
Can we be a cast for Running Man (Running Women instead)? 🙂
Found it! SBS!!!

It is very big and spacious inside. This SBS building in Mokpo is mainly for news and radio. The one for entertainment is in a different area. Hopefully, I’ll be able to visit that place in the future too.


This year marks SBS’ 25th anniversary

Radio station/department

IMG_3774 (2)


Class picture with the radio mascot ^_^

SBS News Headquarters

We went inside the headquarters/work stations. It was awkward to take a picture of the people busily working so I did not take one.

SBS Newsroom

The actual set for the news shows/segment


This is Camille Tajon reporting for SBS News 🙂
Group photo with SBS announcer
News editing room. I am really curious how long it takes them to edit news clips.




Finishing the tour without more group photos! 🙂

Thank you Mr. Kimi for the fun tour!


Thank you to our professor and his colleagues in SBS! It was a really unique experience! 🙂

Hoping to see the cast of Running Man next time… (Spoiled much? Hahaha)

2 thoughts on “Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) Tour

  1. What a good story! Hopefully i can go there soon ^^ I just wanna ask some questions : Where is the radio station? Is it on the 1st floor?? I heard that SBS has 2 radio station. Are they at the same floor??

    1. The radio station that we went to is on another floor but I can’t recall which floor, sorry. 😦 I don’t know if sbs has a radio station similar with kbs where audience can watch outside. Sorry I’m of no help ;;

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